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Fitness Philosophy

Woman weight pullingMind and Body Strengthening LLC (MBS) has a vision – to help people adhere to goals of a healthier lifestyle and exercise program. How can we do this? Through a revolutionary program using advanced science to break through the barriers of Thinking Fit, Getting Fit and Staying Fit.

The MBS program encompasses two components: The Mind and The Body.

  • The Mind – MBS uses a Wellness Assessment to identify certain behaviors and motivators and then creates an individualized program to keep the person on track for a lifetime of healthy living.
  • The Body – MBS develops a physical fitness program using the Wellness Assessment, information gathered from health questionnaires, and individual goals. Each individual is an active participant in designing the fitness program, increasing longevity.

The MBS Program emphasizes safety and supervision and allows companies or individuals to increase quality of life, physical health, and performance, both on and off the job. Additionally, an opportunity exists for a reduction in healthcare costs using a professional process focusing on individualized success.