Strong is the new skinny. Scott Marsh knows exercise.

“These are my new truths! I can assure you that Scott’s superior knowledge of exercise science/physiology will make you look and feel better as he did for me. After literally two decades (and post two babies) of my routine of cardio, cardio cardio I became so frustrated in little or no change in my body that I consulted with Scott. I did not have a weight problem but strived to look leaner, more fit and feel stronger with age. My endless classes (yoga, pilates, kickboxing), run/walking and 5k’s did not do for me what his training plan accomplished. There is a level of commitment with it and it is a continual work in progress, however, I am stronger, feel better and have more energy than I did in my 20’s. I am 51. I have not been without my share of aches and pains and minor injuries, however, he adjusted my training accordingly so that I could continue without giving up as I might have done without his coaching. Initially, I was fearful of weightlifting and thought it was a guy thing. He turned around my thinking and got me out of my comfort zone. I am grateful for that every day!

His high energy, knowledge and personality make him a win win in this field. Please give him the opportunity to work with you!”

– Diane H


“When I initially met Scott all my body knew was cardio. Lots of cardio with very little to no weight training. Scott introduced me to the world of weight training. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical of weight training because I did not want to bulk up and walk around with my muscles bulging out of my arms and legs. Scott’s education, knowledge and expertise of the body is such that he knows how to work with a woman’s physique and still allow her maintain the feminine look. During our training I became injured (the injury did not happen under Scott’s watchful eye – I did that all on my own). However, Scott patiently worked with me to ensure that my injury was properly healed. I would recommend Scott to any person who is looking for a trainer who is a cut above the rest; who is educated and dedicated to assisting individuals in reaching their physical potential. Scott’s wealth of knowledge is such that I have a special name for him – Oh Yoda!”

-Alicia Gallo


Scott is awesome! I have really enjoyed working out with him these last few weeks that I have been working in Tempe, AZ. I only wish I could pack him up and bring him back to Atlanta, GA with me. I highly recommend his classes.

-Mel T.