New Warrior Program

trx_coupleShipping Out

The New Warrior Program was inspired by helping one future sailor get “in shape” for bootcamp. The goal was to have his body and mind prepared for the stresses that he would endure at bootcamp. As we went through six months of training, we helped him with exercise selection and form. A nutritional plan was also established. He was drinking more than enough soda each day. I asked for a commitment of no soda, sugar, or highly refined foods for the six months. He made the commitment and later stated feeling much better overall.

After shipping out to bootcamp, I thought he can’t be the only one who needs help. I went to the local Armed Forces recruiting station, where I explained my vision for the new program. Coincidentally they had a meeting later that same day with recruits and invited me to attend and speak with the future sailors. I explained what I was offering and that there was no cost to them. In the following weeks I went to the Marine and Army stations and shared my vision. The meetings were well received and we have been moving forward with recruits. This is our way of showing appreciation for the amazing service these recruits will provide our country.

You Can Help

Please help support our New Warriors as they prepare to ship out to begin to serve our country and defend our freedoms.

The New Warrior Program is designed to prepare them physically and nutritionally for the demands that will be placed on them in bootcamp and beyond. There is no cost to the recruits to participate in the New Warrior Program. Your donations will go directly to our trainers, equipment and supplies needed by the recruits.

If you would like to contribute to the New Warrior Program:


If you would like more information on this new program, contact us.

Shipped Out:
These are just a few of the over 100 recruits that have come through the New Warrior Program